Congratulations to Our Int’l Tech Pubs Competition Winners!

International BOS
International winner
International Winner

We are pleased to announce that all seven of our entries to the International Communication Technical Publications Competition won awards this year. One of them also won Best of Show! See 2008-2009 Competition Winners Lists for all our local competitions winners. Winners of the international competitions were on display at the Annual Conference (Technical Summit) in May. See past international winners at

Winners List

  • Technical Publications
    • Best of Show & Distinguished: "Putting Theory into Practice: A Best Practices Approach to Developing Tax Instructions"; Contributers: Dr. Rita Roosevelt, Rasika Krishna, Eric Spears, and Erin Schmieder; Company: Kleimann Communication Group, Inc.
    • Distinguished: "NCRR Reporter"; Contributers: Lamont Williams, Palladian Partners; Joyce McDonald, NCRR; and Michael Fleishman, Palladian Partners; Company: Palladian Partners, Inc.
    • Distinguished: "VisionContent: Retriever for Reports Documentation Set "; Contributer: John Tremblay; Company: Metavante Image Solutions
    • Excellence: "Altarum Annual Report 2007"; Contributers: Liz Ritter, Marijka Lischak, and Mary Joscelyn; Company: Altarum Institute
    • Excellence: "NCRR Strategic Plan 2009-2013"; Contributers: Lamont Williams, Karen Eddleman, and Joan Barbour; Company: Palladian Partners, Inc.
    • Excellence: "Roadmap to Secure Control Systems in the Water Sector"; Contributers: Jack Eisenhauer, Katie Jereza, and Julie Chappell; Comapny: Energetics Incorporated
    • Merit: "Pictures of the Future (Spring and Fall 2008 editions)"; Contributer: Arthur F. Pease; Company: Siemens AG
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