Congratulations to David J. Dick…

Congratulations to David J. Dick on becoming Associate Fellow for the WDC chapter this year. It is quite an honor to receive this distinction. We are proud that David is a member of our organization and the chapter. He has been a member of STC since 1994.

His service to STC and the chapter includes:

* Co-founder of the Belgium Chapter in 1997 and the first President. In the Chapter’s first year, won the Pacesetter Award for amazing start-up of a Chapter.

* Managing Editor of Usability Interface since 1998 to present. The newsletter has consistently won awards for content and quality.

* Served as judge for France Chapter Technical Publications Competition, 1998

* Served as judge for STC newsletter competition, 2001-2003

* Served as secretary for STC newsletter competition, 2004

* Volunteer of WDC Chapter newsletter: the Capital Letter, 2003-2005

* Volunteer and co-sponsor of World Usability Day with the Usability Professionals Association of Washington, D.C., 2005-2006

* Current Manager of the Washington, D.C. Chapter Usability SIG

* Senior Member of the STC Lone Writers SIG, Usability and User Experience Community, and WDC Chapter

* Shared knowledge and experience about newsletters to help WDC Chapter improve content and quality of its newsletter, which resulted in the newsletter earning the Excellence award in 2005.

The citation on his plaque reads:

For extensive, enduring commitment to the communities of STC and for developing the careers of technical communicators.

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