Changes Coming to STC International Competitions

From STC’s News and Notes, July 2009 issue

STC chapters organize dozens of technical communication competitions and those winners who receive ratings of Excellence and Distinguished are eligible to be entered in the international competitions. However, changes are in store for the International competitions in 2010 and 2011.

The first difference between the 2010 competitions versus past years is that there will be only two main categories: technical publications and online communication. The international art competition will not be held in 2010 due to the low number of entries in the past few years.

The second change to the competitions will be in regard to the time frame. The consensus judging for the international competitions will be held the Saturday before the STC Technical Communication Summit (2–5 May 2010 in Dallas, TX). With the judging later in the second quarter of the year, the submission deadline will be extended.

Subsequently, the chapters will have more time to complete their process. We expect this change will increase participation, entries, judging applicants, and revenue. Furthermore, this will also allow for an increase in international participation, both in judging and entries. Moving the consensus judging to the Saturday before the
conference will result in major cost savings.

The lists of local and regional competitions will be posted to the STC website. Information about applications and entry guidelines will also be posted there. We expect to develop a new web-based entry form for the international competition entries.

STC chapters that plan to hold art, publications, and online communications competitions should send contact information and deadlines to Elreatha Matthews, Education Manager, for publication on the STC site and in Intercom.

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