Apply for the Technical Editing SIG Scholarship

The Diane Feldman Technical Editing SIG Scholarship

The Technical Editing Special Interest Group of the Society for Technical Communication is now accepting applications for a $1400 undergraduate scholarship and a $1400 graduate scholarship for students pursuing studies in technical communication.

Complete information and online application available here:

The deadline for applications is July 1, 2015. Winners will be notified in early August 2015.

For more information, contact Rebekka Andersen, Chair, STC Technical Editing SIG Scholarship Committee at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

1994 Student Writing Competition Winner Found

A 1994 winner of an Honorable Mention for the Austin T. Brown Technical Communication Award has identified herself. Kathleen Angelo, from James W. Robinson, Jr. Secondary, in Fairfax, VA has been added to the 1993-1994 Technical Communication Award Competition Winners page. She remembers that another student from her school also won an Honorable Mention but cannot remember her name.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of paper documentation, we don’t know the names of all winners from 1962-1994 student writing competitions. If you are one of them or have old newsletters or other announcements about winners from those years, please send the information to the webmaster. We want to honor all participants and winners of our former student technical writing awards from 1962-2002.

IDL SIG Announces Scholarship Opportunities

The STC Instructional Design & Learning (IDL) SIG announces scholarship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students.


The IDL SIG scholarship was created to assist students who are pursuing an undergraduate degree, graduate degree, or certificate in the area of Instructional Design. Students applying for this scholarship are expected to demonstrate their focus on topics related to Instructional Design through their academic studies, current jobs, graduate or certification program, or special projects.


The IDL SIG will offer two scholarships this year for college students:

  • $500 for one undergraduate student
  • $1,000 for one graduate student

The awards, wholly funded by the IDL SIG, can be used for registration fees, books, or attendance at the 2010 STC Summit (our annual conference) in Dallas, Texas, to be held May 2-5, 2010 @stc2010. All winners and honorable mentions will be featured in the IDL SIG quarterly newsletter.

Deadline for Entries

Wednesday, February 24th

Please go to for eligibility requirements, application form, and additional information.

Thank you for sharing this information with students, colleagues, and anyone who might be interested.