Career Makeover Institute Sessions Added to the Conference

For those who have lost their jobs, STC has added a special series of sessions to the conference. These sessions cover such topics as interviewing, resumes, portfolios and job hunting.

Take a peek at the final program before you get to the conference!. The full conference program is online in the Live Learning Center Summit Playback. This will be the site where you will receive your captured Summit@aclick sessions after the conference. Just click on “Educational Content” and you will have the choice of Itinerary Planner or Content from the meeting.

The itinerary planner lets you plan your conference day and you can download it to your Blackberry…a new feature this year. If you click on content, you will see the session tracks. You can sort by day or speaker and then click on the titles for the the day, time, descriptions, and speaker bio. When you see a small scroll by the title, it indicates that speaker materials have been uploaded.

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