Can You Renew?

Have you already renewed your membership in STC by paying your annual dues? When you did so, did you choose to stay a member of the Washington, DC chapter? If you answered yes to both questions, thank you! Your membership makes us a stronger, more vital chapter.

If you have not yet renewed, we miss you already and there’s no better time than the present to turn things around. Paper membership renewal forms were mailed a bit late this year but everyone has the opportunity to either join or renew online at any time. Join or Renew Now.

As an extra incentive, STC is challenging its chapters to obtain the highest renewal rate by March 31. Prizes will be given to the first chapter to reach a renewal rate of 71 percent by that date. We’re not there yet. Won’t you help us by renewing today?

If you have any questions about your membership, contact Carolyn Kelley Klinger.

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