Are You an STC Member or Employee Listed as an Employee of the Saudi Telecom Company?

As Stuart Culshaw pointed out in recent correspondence with me, this is a good case for showing how acronyms can be used irresponsibly.

A few days ago, Paul Bernstein pointed out to some of us that Susan Burton, Tom Gorski, Mike Murry, Russ Bombardieri, George Hayhoe, Rob Hanna, Linda Oestreich, Stuart Culshaw, Andrea L Ames, and Cynthia Lockley are listed in LinkedIn as current and former members of the Saudi Telecom Company on that company’s profile page. I got myself removed by contacting LinkedIn Customer Support.

Going to the See more link in the Current Employees list at gives you a hit list of 3,475 people. Most of them work for or are members of the Society for Technical Communication. In the first 10 pages I looked at, only 11 in the list actually work for the Saudi Telecom Company.

One reason you are listed there is because “STC” is used in a company name in your LinkedIn profile. None of the company names in my profile included “STC”; however, I was still listed as a former employee. LinkedIn is picking up on the acronym “STC” because the Saudi Telecom Company uses “STC” as their company name on their profile header instead of their spelled out name.

Some of you will be able to fix this by editing your profiles in LinkedIn and spelling out the Society’s name in your list of current or past employer names. A good idea anyway to make the Society’s name more prominent and to let people know what “STC” means if you use it elsewhere in your profile. We are not the only STC in LinkedIn. There is also the Shakespeare Theatre Company here in Washington, DC.

If that still doesn’t get you removed, you will need to contact LinkedIn’s Customer Support and ask them to remove you. They will only do this on an individual basis. Response I got from Customer Service:

“If any employee of Society for Technical Communication is incorrectly affiliated with the other company, we can certainly assist them with that. Those employee/members would need to reach out individually.”

Customer Support said: “encourage them to reply to email hidden; JavaScript is required attn: company profiles”.

If you see anyone on the list who is no longer affiliated with our STC and you know how to contact them, please let them know about this.

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