Announcing the results of the 2007 Society election

This message is to announce the results of the 2007 STC Elections, which ended at noon EST on April 12th, 2007. A total of 1,549 votes were cast.

Linda Oestreich (unopposed)
For: (1,415 votes) — Elected
Against: (50 votes)

First Vice President
Mark Clifford (unopposed)
For: (1,411 votes) — Elected
Against: (36 votes)

Second Vice President
Cynthia C. Currie (710 votes) — Elected
M. Katherine (Kit) Brown (707 votes)

At-large Directors (3 positions)
Nicoletta A. Bleiel (660 votes) — Elected
Leah Guren (886 votes) — Elected
Steven Jong (820 votes) — Elected
Jonathan Baker (622 votes)
Mollye Barrett (521 votes)
Robert Young (501 votes)

William C. (W.C.) Wiese (unopposed)
For: (1407 votes) — Elected
Against: (33 votes)

Nominating Committee (2 positions)
Jackie A. Damrau (1251 votes) — Elected
Rachel A. Jordan Houghton (1146 votes) — Elected

Director (Region 5)
Paul Mueller (unopposed)
For: (172 votes) — Elected
Against: (5 votes)

Special Election for Region 1
Since Cindy Currie was elected Second Vice President, she will resign her position as Director at STC’s next annual business meeting. Cindy was elected by Region 1 members, by law, the person who fills her remaining one-year term as Director must also come from Region 1. After the conference, the Nominating Committee will present a slate of candidates for a special election in Region 1 to fill the vacant Director’s position. By law these results are not official until they are announced at the annual business meeting, which will be held on Monday, May 14th, at the annual conference in Minneapolis.

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