An Update to Our Competition Winners Lists


We are always happy to receive information for our website that fills in missing information from the days of long gone paper records for our chapter history. Today, Peter Meyer, of the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, sent me a PDF of a newsletter, The Labor Exchange, April 1990. An item in the newsletter described the seven awards the Bureau had earned in the 1989-1990 competition. It also mentioned that there were over 200 entries that year and that other competitors from corporations, trade associations, and government agencies included IBM, GE, the American Chemical Society, the Census Bureau, and the Smithsonian Institution.

A new page was added to the Archives for the 1989-1990 technical publications competition winners. The page is at Thank you Peter!

We'd Like Your Help

We want to fill in our missing history. If you have old newsletters or awards celebration programs that list winners from past (1955-1994) technical communication competitions and past student competition winners, we'd like to see them.

Several STC chapters have excellent history pages about their chapters. While we cannot match the impressive yearly history records of the Rocky Mountain chapter, we'd like to try to fill in our blanks as much as possible. Please review our list of Chapter Presidents and our lists of Fellows, Associate Fellows, and Distinguished Chapter & SIG Service Awards to see if you have names and citations we are missing. If you have any information about the chapter's early years, please send it to the Web Diva so we can add it to the site.

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