Accessibility Enhancements to the Chapter’s Main Site

The alternate style sheet selections have been moved to the top navigation bar in the “Print / Switch Styles” pull-down menu. Modifications were made to the existing alternate style sheets for High Contrast, Audio, and Print to suit the new site design.

New alternate style sheets have been added. There are now three style sheets for changing text sizes and 21 style sheets for Low Contrast backgrounds.

The Low Contrast backgrounds help people who have difficulty reading text because of the glare from a white background or because the words appear to move around or become fuzzy. For dyslexic children and adults, reading through tinted lenses or transparent sheets has often helped. Because there is a variety of types of Dyslexia and several forms of color-blindness, different colors suit different people. Try them out and see what a difference a colored background makes. It will also help reduce migraine headaches for some people who have to read under fluorescent lighting conditions. You may no longer have to say, “The page is too bright – it hurts my eyes!”

For more information about the accessibility features of the site, see the Accessibility Design and Features page.

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