About WDCB Events

STC WDCB hosts monthly events on topics concerning our profession from September to June.

Our events cover trends and issues in technical communication and provide professional development and networking opportunities in keeping with the STC mission to advance the theory and practice of technical communication across all user abilities and media. We provide a variety of event formats from informal networking and discussions to complete dinner events.

Recent events include:

  • Networking get-togethers
  • Expert speakers and panel discussions
  • Skills workshops
  • Educational webinars
  • Annual chapter technical communication competition and Awards Celebrations

Events Calendar

The events calendar is on the Events & News site at https://events.stcwdc.org/events/. Events are publicized in social networking websites. Email notification and reminders for event announcements are sent when you register for an event on Eventbrite. They are also available if you subscribe to the President's monthly Announcement mailing list.

Note:  Unforeseen circumstances may cause scheduled meeting topics or dates to change at the discretion of the events committee manager. If you have questions about a rescheduled event, contact the committee manager at events manager.

Speakers' Handouts and Presentations

You may download presentations and handouts provided by speakers from the Speakers' Handouts and Presentations page.

Events Planning Resources

Conference and Meeting Room Rentals

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Restaurants and Private Dining Locations

Events Information


STC WDCB covers the DC metropolitan area. Our members live and work throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.

We host events in different locations of the Washington, DC metropolitan area to accommodate member preferences and venue options. Of course, we can't always be in the most convenient location for everyone, but we do choose locations based on member preferences as reported in event registration surveys.


Admission fees help offset the costs of our events. Fees may vary based on of the cost of room rental, speakers fees, refreshments, and other services.

We sometimes use a sliding fee scale that gives a discount to members, students, and chapter volunteers.


Registration is required for our events. Advance online registration enables us to plan appropriately based on attendance. Entrance to events is not guaranteed until receipt of advance payment.


Payment is due at the time of registration.

We accept payments by PayPal and check. PayPal is preferred, as it is easier for our volunteers to process. Payment instructions are included in the registration process.

For some events, we also accept cash or check payments at the door. If you plan on paying at the door, you must let us know before the event.

First-Timer's Coupon

For nonmembers who have never attended one of our events, we sometimes offer a First-Timer's coupon for an event. The coupon allows you to attend the event as our guest. The description about the event and the payment information for the event will say whether a coupon is being offered for that event. For instructions, and to print the coupon, visit the First-Timers Coupon page.

Cancellation and Refunds

We will refund the event cost, minus a $5.00 administration fee, for cancellations received five business days before the event. We cannot offer refunds for late cancellations or for no-shows.

SIG Events

Events for Washington, DC – Baltimore (WDCB) Chapter Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are also included in the Calendar of Events.

Volunteering for Events

We always need volunteers to staff our events from registering attendees, providing introductions, helping with setup and cleanup, and more. If you'd like to volunteer for events, contact the Events Committee at volunteer for an event with the subject line: "STC WDCB Events I would like to volunteer!"

Current Chapter Volunteers

Your STC chapter is able to provide excellent events in part because of its many volunteers. A chapter volunteer is a member of the Washington DC chapter who is actively providing time and talents to events held in the current chapter year. The chapter year begins on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of the following year.

For some events, a reduced fee is available to current chapter volunteers. To be eligible for this reduced rate, you must be someone who meets at least one condition in the following definition of current chapter volunteers:

  • People who arrange in advance to help organize and run the event that they attend at the volunteer rate
  • Active committee managers and members
  • Judges in the current year's competitions
  • Members of the current year's administrative council

We also offer a volunteer rate to fellows and associate fellows in recognition of their years of service to STC.

We are always in need of event venues and sponsors. If your company is willing to sponsor an event by allowing us to use a conference room and audiovisual facilities, contact the Events Committee at sponsor an event with the subject line: "Potential Events Sponsor". We will acknowledge the generosity of our sponsors in the sidebar of all our websites and in our event announcements. For more information, see Chapter Partnerships and Sponsorships.

Locations Needed for Events

We are always looking for good locations where we can hold the monthly events. We are looking for companies willing to sponsor an event by providing a room, or food, or both. If you know of any conference rooms or classrooms that we can use, please contact the Events Committee at events manager.

Typical attendance ranges from 30 to 90 people depending on the topic. The usual schedule is 6:30 to 7:00 p.m.—Registration, announcements, and networking; 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.—Dinner; 8:00 to 9:00 p.m.—Presentation. Also let us know about audiovisual capabilities that are available (some speakers will need to use projectors and screens), and whether food can be brought into the room or provided in a separate room from the event.

Check out our scheduled events (subject to change) and let us know if you have locations available or if you have a suggestion for a speaker, topic, or the competition Awards Celebration in February.

Questions & Suggestions

As a member-run organization, we love to hear suggestions about the topics and types of events that members are interested in.

Email your questions and suggestions to the Events Committee at events feedback with the subject line: "STC WDCB Events Feedback".


Send suggestions for topics, speakers, and locations to the Events Committee at events manager.

Send Calendar of Events contributions to website team assistent, or use the Event Announcement Form.

Last modified: 12 September 2022
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