Early Bird Membership and Summit Rates Extended to 15 January

The rates for STC Classic membership and the Really Early Bird rate for the STC Summit have been extended through 15 January. Both were set to expire on 31 December.

Classic membership still costs just $195, a $30 discount over the regular $225 rate. Add a chapter and SIG and it's only $230. And the Really Early Bird rate of $825 for the Summit is $125 less than the Early Bird rate and $225 less than the regular Advance rate. So by renewing your STC membership and registering for the Summit by 15 January, you save a total of $155 over what you'd pay just one day later!

Register today and take advantage of the best rates possible for STC membership and the STC Summit in our Diamond Anniversary Year!

STC Memberships for 2012 Expire Dec. 31–Renew Now!

All STC memberships are on a calendar-year basis, not an anniversary basis. All memberships expire 31 December of the membership year. Renew your STC membership today to continue receiving exclusive benefits such as the member rate for the 2013 Summit, STC’s annual conference and expo. Renewal by 31 Dec gives you Classic membership for only $195. With the addition of one chapter ($25) and one SIG ($10), the total cost of membership for individuals joining or renewing at the Classic Membership level on or before 31 December 2012 is $230.

See the chart of membership levels and dues at https://www.stc.org/membership/join-or-renew-now/membership-dues.

To join or renew STC, go to https://www.stc.org/membership/join-or-renew-now

Changes to the STC Renewal Policy

  • The reinstatement fee for late-renewing members has been eliminated.
  • Membership terms are on a calendar-year basis and expire 31 December. Access to 2012 membership benefits (including members-only resources and events and member pricing) will be extended until 15 January 2013.
  • Starting January 2013, Membership dues will be prorated based on the month a member joins or renews.
  • Despite other changes to renewal deadlines, individuals must still join or renew by 28 February 2013 to be eligible to vote in the STC elections.

All memberships now include

  • A free copy of STCE28099s 2013 Salary Database, containing the most up-to-date information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on what technical communicators are earning nationwide
  • Discounts on new CPTC Certification
  • Free, members-only, sponsored live webinars
  • A new affinity program that provides discounts on software, products, and services from companies our members work with every day
  • Access to over 70 free on-demand, archived, Web seminars on topics ranging from User Experience and Accessibility to Content Management and DITA
  • Professional support through our global network of 6,000 professionals
  • Online access to industry-leading publications Intercom and Technical Communication
  • Access to the members-only sections of the STC website, including the community leadership resources, the STC Member Directory, and more
  • 14-day advance access to the newest employment opportunities available in the STC Job Bank
  • Opportunities to volunteer in local chapters and SIGs, attend regional conferences and events, and network with other professionals in the field of technical communication

After 31 December 2012, dues at the Classic and Gold Education membership levels will increase to $225 and $425, respectively. For individuals residing in emerging nations, there will be a reduction in the cost of adjusted dues at the Classic and Student membership levels to $50 and $25 respectively, and community memberships in emerging nations will be reduced to $10 per chapter and $5 per SIG. All other levels of membership dues will remain at the same price as 2012.

STC Member Get a Member campaign

Recruit New Members by 15 January and Get Credit Toward Your 2013 Membership!

Every time you recruit a new member, you strengthen STC. A vital and growing STC membership means greater recognition of technical communicators, improved educational and networking opportunities for members, and the advancement of the profession. Why not reach out and share the same valuable opportunities with your colleagues? We know that you understand the value of your STC membership and now is the perfect time to reach out to your professional contacts and recruit them to join STC. When you recruit a new member, STC wants to reward you.

What’s In It for You?

You are the greatest testimony to the benefits of being an STC member. By recruiting others, you will:

  • Expand your network of TC professionals
  • Strengthen STC—A vital and growing membership means greater recognition of the TC profession, improved educational and networking opportunities for members, and the advancement of technical communication worldwide
  • Help others succeed in their careers
  • Receive recognition for your recruitment efforts
  • Receive a $25 credit per recruit towards your 2013 membership dues, up to the cost of a Classic membership.

How It Works

Tell a friend, colleague, or employer why you’re a member and why the Society is an indispensable part of your professional development.

Have your referral join STC by 15 January 2013, list your name in the “Referred by” field on the member application and enter “MGAM13” as the promotion code. MGAM members must enter your name for you to get the referral credit.

Don’t forget to tell your referral to join our chapter! The extra $25 provides the benefits of

  • Local job postings
  • Uploading your resume to our Resume Board
  • Local education
  • On and offline networking
  • Lower fees for our local technical communication competition and other events
  • Opportunities for leadership and personal growth
  • Access to the chapter’s group on MySTC

If you refer only one member, you’ve got that paid for!

Referring members (you) must renew by 28 February 2013 to be eligible for referral credit.

Member Benefits

STC is the organization that brings all parties involved in the technical communication profession together. STC is the voice for the profession. STC creates a climate where technical communicators are valued—and hired—for their expertise. This past year, STC’s work with the Bureau of Labor Statistics resulted in a separate chapter for technical writers in the Occupation Outlook Handbook, an essential reference document for corporations. This means for the first time the BLS has acknowledged technical writers are distinct from other writers.

Membership in STC gives you

  • Electronic versions of STC publications
  • A free copy of the 2012-2013 Salary Database (available July 2013)
  • Access to job bank postings, archived seminars, the STC blog, and TechComm Today

STC members get discounts on fees for

  • Certified Professional Technical Communicator™ (CPTC) applications
  • Annual Summits
  • Web Seminars
  • Online Certificate Courses
  • SUMMIT@aClick

Join or Renew Now

To join or renew, go to http://www.stc.org/membership/join-or-renew-now

Note: Your dues may be tax deductible. For information, see https://www.stc.org/deduct-your-dues/

31 Dec. Deadline to Apply for Membership Dues Awards

What is the STC Recovery Package?

For the 2010 membership year, the Marion Norby Fund is enabling STC to offer a new program to help up to 400 members affected by the economic recession. STC will award up to 100 Full Recovery Packages and up to 300 Subsidy Recovery Packages.

* Full Recovery Package: Basic dues—a $215 value ($160 value for those in the developing countries listed in the STC membership application)
* Subsidy Recovery Package: The difference between the Basic dues rate of $150 (2009 dues) and $215 (2010)—a $65* value for all members regardless of location

Eligibility Requirements

Full Recovery Package

The Full Recovery Package is designed for members who:

  • Have been unemployed, on medical disability, or underemployed (less than 15 hours per week) since 30 June 2009
  • Are self employed or contractors and whose income for the period of 30 June through 31 December 2009 is less than 25% of what they earned for the same period in 2008

Subsidy Recovery Package

The Subsidy Recovery Package is designed for members who consider themselves in financial need.

*The subsidy is for $65 regardless of the country where the member lives. Awardees in most countries would pay $150 when they renew; those in developing countries would pay $95.

All candidates will be on the honor system. By applying for either package, candidates are pledging their eligibility status.

Renewal Process

Candidates for either Recovery Package are asked NOT to renew their membership until they are notified of the judges’ decision. All candidates will be notified via email by 11 February 2010. Awardees will be given specific directions for renewing. Candidates who have not been selected can renew using STC’s online or paper application system. All STC members must renew their membership by 28 February 2010 in order to be eligible to vote in the Society’s election. (Please note that under each Recovery Package, chapter membership, SIG membership, and Technical Communication and Intercom print subscriptions are available for an additional fee. Awardees will also be sent information on how to purchase a la carte menu items.)

Application Process

Candidates for either Recovery Package must submit a message of 75-150 words on ONE of three topics:

  • How my work as a technical communicator added value for my employers or clients (current or past)
  • What I believe are the most important skills technical communicators need for the future
  • A specific example of how being a member of STC has made a difference in my career

STC may use your message or excerpts of your message on the STC website or blog. Candidates need to notify STC when you apply if you wish your message to be identified with your full name or your initials, or if your message will be identified as “anonymous.”

Criteria for Judging Messages

Messages will be judged on these criteria:

* Clarity
* Originality
* Style, grammar, punctuation, and usage
* Organization

Messages should not contain any confidential or proprietary information.

The Rules

* Applicants can only apply for one of the Recovery Packages.
* Applicants will submit a message of 75-150 words, in English.
* STC board members, student members, and retired members are not eligible to apply.
* New members cannot apply for either Recovery Package; only renewing members may apply.
* The deadline for submission is 5 PM EST (GMT-5) Thursday, 31 December 2009.
* A task force of members will judge the entries. The decision of the judges is final.
* Messages should be sent via email to Julia O’Connor.

Apply Using E-mail

To apply for either the Full Recovery Package or the Subsidy Recovery Package, please send the information detailed below in an e-mail to Julia O’Connor.

* Use the subject line of your email to indicate which Recovery Package you are applying for.
* In the top left corner of the email, enter your first and last name, member ID number, phone number, how your message will be identified (full name, initials, or anonymous), and which one of the three topics you select.
* Type your message in the body of the email below the topic.

Send your message and information mentioned above in an e-mail to Julia O’Connor. All applications must be received by 5 PM EST (GMT-5) Thursday, 31 December 2009.

All submissions will be confirmed by 5 PM EST (GMT-5) Tuesday, 5 January 2010. If you do not receive a confirmation by that date, please contact Julia O’Connor.

Example of Email Content to Apply for Either Recovery Package

Subject: Full Recovery Package
Name: John Smith
Member ID: 55555
Phone: +1 (703) 555-1212
Identification Type: Full Name

Topic: What I believe are the most important skills technical communicators need for the future

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