Law and Order: STC WDC

We are now offering STC WDC member pricing to members of the American Independent Writers at next Tuesday’s event, Law and Order: STC WDC. The American Independent Writers is the new name for the Washington Independent Writers, an organization that has been supporting independent writers since 1975. We have also improved the description of this event.

Register for this event!

Just as a reminder, although the event officially begins at 5 p.m., the presentation begins at 7 p.m. The member price of $10 includes admission to the museum, dinner, and the presentation.

Hope to see you there!

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I'm a technical communication consultant working primarily in the bioinformatics field and also designing and delivering training classes on 508 compliance for electronic documents. I have been involved with the STC Washington, DC - Baltimore chapter since 1994 and am an STC Fellow.