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First Friday Lunch (Gourmet Deli in Linthicum, MD)

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Calling All Mentors!

There’s a time to take and a time to give — and for you, the time to give is now.

You’re a skilled technical communicator. Remember how it was when you were just starting out?

Remember all those who held your hand, and encouraged you to carry on when you stumbled and fell, answered your calls, and shared all they knew the best they can?

It’s time to change hats and become an angel yourself. Yes, you can!

Thanks to our Chapter’s mentoring program, you can now become a point of light to help young students take strong steps in the right direction for a solid future in technical communication.

If you are at a point in your career and life when you feel the stirring to help our younger brothers and sisters succeed, this is your moment under the sun!

Visit this link to register as a mentor:


And if you know students who can benefit as mentees, encourage them to do the same by registering from this link:


Think of all the ways we can all win in this worthwhile enterprise…

  • The student considers a lucrative and stable career in technical communication, something that might not have been on their radar — until you showed up with years of experience and a road map of the opportunities and challenges ahead. The student wins by the gift of your wisdom.
  • You feel the glow of helping a young mind stride towards a feature where he or she will have the pleasure of organizing information and data for an excellent career while having fun! You win by playing a part in shaping that future.
  • Our Chapter wins because we’ll be contributing to a better world by giving back generously with our time, energy, and knowledge to our community.
  • The university or college, our mentoring partner, wins too because they will be pointing at one more future alternative for their students in this competitive marketplace and guiding them with authority thanks to the high caliber of our experienced mentors.

Please visit the following link for more information about this wonderful opportunity:


Also, take a look at our FAQ page for questions that you may have in mind:


If you have just an hour a week, take that first step to do real good that will count, last, and matter. Complete the mentor application form today. We will all be better for it.

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STC WDCB Chapter Social Media Update: Meetup

Hello STC WDCB! Here’s a bit of exciting news about our Meetup group. We will be closing our Meetup group soon.

That might not sound too exciting at first. We know.

Here’s what’s exciting: We will be throwing our full support to a new Meetup Group, InfoDevDC, organized by our own Becky Todd for all our Meetup needs. InfoDevDC’s first meetup featured past STC president, Alan Houser, and InfoDevDC is planning a series of great #TechComm events in the area. We want to support them in every way possible.

And don’t forget, you can continue to find all our news about events and happenings through our other online resources, including this Events and News blog.

To join our EventBrite email list, email hidden; JavaScript is required and we will add you to our mailing list.

Connect with us on twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flickr. We’ll keep you informed.

Your STC WDCB Administrative Council

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First Friday Lunch (Gourmet Deli in Linthicum, MD)

Who doesn’t love a hot sandwich? 700 South is a gourmet deli near BWI in Linthicum with a huge selection of sandwiches and leafy green salads to satisfy your lunch cravings. We’re meeting there for our September First Friday lunch because we have a fabulous new volunteer, Renae Borzatti, who works nearby. Baltimore-area technical communicators, come on down! As always, this lunch will be a great opportunity to meet folks in similar careers and share tips that will strengthen your career.

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Admin Council Meeting for August 2014

Our next council meeting is Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 7:30 pm EDT.

Here is the call-in information:

Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7100
Participant Access Code: 250899#

All members are invited to attend and participate.

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Ideas and Notes from STC WDCB Summer Vision Day 2014

Here is the recording from the STC WDCB Summer Vision Day 2014 meeting:

During the meeting, we asked members to post ideas and needs for future events. Please use our WDCB website as a forum for sharing ideas.

  • What kinds of events would you like to see in the coming months?
  • What kinds of topics should we cover?
  • For what kinds of speakers should we look?

We asked to hear from you, the membership, and we mean it. What’s on your mind? What do you need?

Please share your thoughts here.

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Let’s Do Lunch (Fuddrucker’s in Columbia)

Columbia, Maryland and environs, we’re coming to you! Although we’ve chosen what is nominally a hamburger joint, plenty of options exist for non-hamburger eaters. Just check out their menu. What works for us is that you can order and pay for your own lunch (sorry, no free lunch) at the counter and then come and join us at a table. These First Friday Lunches are great opportunities to connect with your peers in the technical communication profession. It’s a casual lunch, so no need to come dressed for a job interview, but we do hope that one day your network will get you your next great job.

Our host this month is Ruth Frost, so ask for her at the restaurant host stand. You can be a lunch host, too. Just email hidden; JavaScript is required you are interested in getting a group together near you and we’ll do the rest.

Although each of us will pay towards the tab and there’s no other cost to pay here on EventBrite, RSVP so that we know how large of a table to reserve.

Hope you can make it!

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Last modified: July 8, 2014